Sizing Calculator

Enersol Solar Pool Heating Sizing Calculator

Use this Sizing Calculator to help you determine the number of boxes of Enersol Pool Heaters needed for your installation. Panels are approximately 1 foot wide and they come in many lengths. The most common lengths are 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. Custom lengths are also available in 1 foot increments from 6 feet to 20 feet long.

Maximize the solar energy available
and extend your pool season for more family fun!

How many Enersol Pool Panels do I need?

Other considerations

Measure the roof area available to be sure the panels will fit when using the sizing calculator. Panels must be positioned vertically from eave to peak with at least 6 inches space around the panels. This space is for plumbing and work space.

In addition to the Enersol Solar Panels, you will need the following items per installation:

You can find any Enersol part and kits in our Enersol Parts & Accessories page or in our Black PVC Pipe and Fittings page.

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