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Best in Class Solar Pool Heating

Add up to 15°F to your pool temperature in a modular and cost effective design!

Solar Panels That Are Built To Last

We offer the most durable and longest lasting solar panels in the industry.

One stop shopping for your solar pool heating needs

Our product selection ensure your Heater looks and performs its best.

a truly comprehensive warranty

Proudly backed by one of North America’s largest solar heating equipment manufacturers.

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  • The Best Way To Heat Your Swimming Pool!

  • Add Weeks To Your Swimming Season.

  • The Longest Lasting Solar Pool Heater Available.

Enersol Solar Pool Heaters

Add up to 15ºF Warmer Pool Temperatures NATURALLY!

When considering a heat source for your pool, you only have to look up to realize the primary benefit of solar heat – it’s free heat from the sun! With uncertainty and rising costs in the gas and power markets, the price for solar will not change. It will be free for life. Using your existing pump and filter, our easy-to-install solar pool heater ensures warmer pool temperatures, no monthly heating bills, and is proven to be the most cost effective way to heat your pool. Get the most out of your pool by extending the swimming season and have more fun–courtesy of the sun!

Our Enersol Pool Panels are so versatile, they can be put anywhere the sun shines. They can be installed on the roof of your home or pool change room, off the deck, beside the pool or on the ground. They are the most durable and longest lasting solar panels on the market. Our Solarprene® rubber is completely resistant to pool chemicals, harsh U.V. rays, as well as harsh northern and scorching southern climates .

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New To Solar Heating?

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    Our straightforward systems run pool water through panels and is warmed by the sun.

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    Solar heating can raise the average temperature of your pool by up to 15°F.

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    Easy to Install

    Our system uses your existing pool pump, all you need is a sunny location!

The Enersol Solar Pool Heating System heats your pool in a simple, yet effective way.

  1. Pool water is pumped by  your existing pool pump to the Enersol Solar Pool Heater panels.
  2. The sun’s rays heat the water in the panels.
  3. The heated water is returned to your pool.
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